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author pictureWelcome to where Horses make dreams come true.

Put your feet in the stirrups and saddle in for a while. Allow your imagination and dreams to take flight among the world of horses. If you weren't a horse lover now, I must warn you, you will be after visiting this site.

Horses are the most amazing animals on the planet. Men and women, whether they were pioneers, explorers, Kings, Queens, or conquerors, would never have seen other worlds had it not been for horses. Whether pulling an omnibus in Boston or wearing feathers in their mane across the Great Plains, horses have carried us through history.

Why do I write about horses? Because I can't think of anything more worthy to all mankind, than a horse.

Stay a while and visit often. Visit my blog, I'd love to hear from anyone who has read my books or just loves horses. Oh, you won't find me on social media, you'll find me at the barn.


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